August 2013

The Adventure Begins

Imagine you are at a fair ground, the weather has been miserable all day and you are looking for something to lift your spirits. You spot a roller-coaster in the distance and turn to your friend to say what an awesome idea it would be to ride ‘The Adventure’. You both agree, you’re going to do it. At first your steps are fast, eager, excited. But as the ride grows larger in the reflection of your retinas you begin to question if you can do this.Β Are we brave enough?Β Looking at each other for encouragement. There’s no turning back now.

This is what you wanted from the start,Β you think as the bar comes down to secure your body to the ride. You’re in motion now. The Adventure is beginning and it’s taking you with it. You hold your breath as your body is lifted high into a gradual ascent. A moment is given for you to gaze in awe at the ride ahead of you. You can’t see it all but you know that it’s going to make you feel. You know there will be excitement, dread, shock, laughter, fear, amazement, happiness and nothing less than stomach-churning emotions.


This is a roller coaster after all, this is The Adventure and it’s only just beginning.

Love Jill


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