August 2013

We’re All Queer Here

To celebrate Pride weekend Shannon invited me on a night out with four of her friends.

And when it comes to having four bisexual female friends, things get a little more than complicated. Lauren and Jess used to go out and Jackie and Hannah were seeing each other until not long ago. Now Jess has a new girlfriend and Lauren and Jackie are seeing each other, whilst Hannah is still getting over Jackie.

Sitting in the kitchen with these four friends throwing around awkward jokes whilst getting progressively drunk, I felt like I was guest starring in a queer version of the Friends episode where Ross is “fine”.

Hannah was sitting there doing her best Ross impression of “I’m fiiine” whilst downing whisky. Jackie and Lauren were portraying a newly loved up couple who felt slightly awkward about the situation (i.e. Rachel and Joey). Whilst Jess sat there trying to continue normal conversation like down-to-Earth Charlie. Shannon and Shea are Monica and Chandler who manage to escape the drama completely. And I’m that out-of-place looking vase of yellow flowers which no one is entirely sure where it came from or what, if any, part it plays in this scene.



As more whisky shots are consumed, the conversation begins to mellow and take on a life of its own. Soon it’s time to call for a taxi and we put on our butch/chap-stick/lipstick attires and finish the rest of our drinks. My first night out in Ottawa takes place at Lookout, a gay club in the centre of town, on Friday evening AKA Ladies Night.

The club is packed with rainbow warriors celebrating the end of Capital Pride week and the atmosphere is electric with attraction and curiosity. Looking around at all the happy, proud young folk I feel safe, accepted and comfortable in myself and excited at the possibilities that await. Out on the balcony we exchange stories of relationship situations, girl types and flirting techniques. Inside on the stage we dance to songs that everyone knows and make eyes at strangers in the darkened room. Although drama does occur, it is nothing compared to how much joy we are getting from each other’s company.

This evening has been one of a kind for me; before tonight I could never have imagined what it would be like to hang out with an entire group of people who see the world of attraction the same way I do. And for one evening nobody made me feel that I was just “greedy, confused, undecided or promiscuous”, tonight I was just me in the company of other people who were just being them. And yeah, I totally just outed myself on a travel blog…

Love Jill