September 2013

The Scottish House Mafia

As you may have noticed, I did not publish a post on Saturday for the first time since arriving in Ottawa. The reason being that my Friday took an unexpected turn. I did not anticipate that by the end of the day I would be playing drinking games in a four star hotel in downtown Ottawa with two Swedes.

Oscar and Rebecca, my new friends, shared an awesomely bizarre evening with me and a bottle of vodka. It all began when I was pouring my cereal that morning. Twelve hours prior to the cereal pouring we had welcomed the third member of our family into the house; Rebecca from Sveeden. Fast forward half a day and I’m deciding whether there is enough Special K in my bowl when my new housemate asks if I want to join her for a look around campus. Never one to refuse an invitation; I say yes. An hour later and Oscar (Aww-sk-ah) arrives at our door. He’s tall with blue eyes, blonde hair and a subtle wit.
The day starts off smoothly and, for relative strangers, everything seems surprisingly easy. We wander around campus and discuss our plans for Canada. Somewhere in the conversation we decide to tackle downtown Ottawa that evening. There’s a famous Swedish hockey player DJing at a “hip” club called Junxion and the Swedes want to see him.
Oscar is yet to find accommodation for the semester and his parents are paying for him to stay one night in a hotel. The Swedes don’t do things by halves; the hotel is glamorous and the staff are our best friends. Even when we decided to have pizzas and alcohol delivered to the hotel. The receptionist just smiles and says “Sure! What is your room number? We will send it to your door.” In our room there is a wide screen TV, iPod speakers and two queen sized beds. For three students on a night out, we feel like we’re living in a palace. The music starts, makeup is applied and our food and drinks begin to arrive. Jokes are made about our room being the penthouse suite and the view from our window only encourages our imaginations.

Have You Ever is played and we learn more about each other than we would probably like. It is concluded that the Swedes are “adventurous but faithful” people. An hour or two later and the taxi is headed for Junxion. On arrival we can tell this is not the place for us; rude people, terrible dancing and poor drinks. But we do get to meet Mika Zibanejad and pose in a photograph with him. The most dramatic part of the night was when Rebecca got angry at another famous Swedish hockey player because he ignored us. On his return to the DJ booth Rebecca says he just touched my ass! and so she puts full force into her elbow and winds the man. Later she jokes “Breaking News: [hockey player] has been benched for the season due to extensive injury to the abdomen”.

The night ends in our high class hotel room. We snuggle into marshmallow beds and dream of having more Scottish/Swedish House Mafia adventures.

Love Jill