September 2013

Our Family Grows By Two

On Saturday our family grew by two members: Erik and Brayden. They are best friends from Bracebridge where they work in McDonalds together and are both starting university in Ottawa in the fall. Erik is a transfer student to Carleton and is a couple of years older than Brayden who is a freshman at a different college.

First Erik arrives and he is a ball of energy. Bouncing around, asking questions, getting very excited about living in this house. He clearly gets this never ending enthusiasm from his mum who is busy buzzing around, laughing about her son’s excessive luggage and joking about her cat being “half demon” compared to Sidekick. In their goodbyes Erik says “stay in touch mum” and she replies sarcastically “why would I do that?”

Brayden is the polar opposite; quiet, leaving home for the first time and has minimal luggage with him. But together they are the cutest friends. They build Erik’s bed and desk together whilst listening to upbeat indie music and singing along. After brushing my teeth that night I pop my head around the door to say goodnight and I end up staying for three hours.

It’s clear from the outset that we have a lot of similar interests and we stay up until three in the morning discussing music, movies, video games and books. First we go through Erik’s DVD collection and critique every movie whilst recommending our own favourites; “have you seen The Purge?”, “do you like Star Wars?”, “whats your opinion of Looper?” Once we have gone through every movie that comes to mind Erik hands me his laptop and we start on the music. By this point Brayden is nodding off and has to retire to bed but the musical education continues. We discuss gigs we’ve been to, bands we’ve seen live, favourite songs, recommendations and Scottish music. Among other things we talk about Pokemon, instruments, Lord of The Rings, bad actors, Hunger Games and childhood TV shows.
Despite the conversation never lulling I must sleep soon and we decide to continue our discussions in the morning.

Love Jill