September 2013

Making A House A Home

Orientation is over and it’s time to go home for some family time. Spaghetti and meatballs is on the menu for tonight’s dinner and Rebecca and I are excited to see everyone. To fuel our mood and increase our walking tempo we listen to songs and dance along the canal. Cyclists and joggers pass us and give amused or confused looks as we belt out classics such as 500 Miles and Elephant Love Song Medley. The most enthusiastic performance would be our rendition of Pitch Perfect mash ups and our solo singing parts of Just Give Me A Reason. Rebecca sang Pink’s lines and I did my best impression of Nate Ruess from Fun. We later reenacted our version for the boys as pre-dinner entertainment.

We were all dressed nicely in casual wear but I couldn’t bear normal clothes anymore and went upstairs to put on my pyjamas. When I came downstairs Shannon, Erik, Brayden and Rebecca decided to put on their pyjamas as a show of solidarity. From there we had such a comfy dinner with delicious food and lovely company. Sidekick even chose to join us at one point and sat at one end of the table eating tiny pieces of spaghetti, he’s such a little human.

My favourite part of the evening was when we decided to reinforce a mandatory one hug per day rule for each house member. Since the boys cooked dinner, the girls took over the washing and we all sat in the kitchen watching funny Canadian-spoof videos on YouTube and sending each other snapchats.

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Hugs, laughs, food, singing and snapchat. It feels good to make a home with people who share the same values as you and understand the importance of feeling cared for and loved.

Love Jill


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