September 2013

Women Can Do It Too

The first time I had a proper conversation with Shannon was on the car ride home from the airport. It was during this journey that I was introduced to the world of women’s rugby. A sport which is huge in Canada. At my old high school not a single girl was allowed to play rugby and the boys took all the glory in the sport. This is something I have always been bitter about, I would mutter to my friends “why are we not considered capable enough to play rugby?!” Is it because damage to our appearance would be considered more detrimental to our future careers than it would be for the men? Or maybe they just didn’t want parents complaining about their precious little girls getting hurt during P.E.

Well in Canadian schools women are actually given the choice of competing in rugby. Purely because they don’t view women as less capable than men in any sport. They know we are equal and that women can quite easily kick ass at rugby.


Shannon and Shea took me to see the first women’s rugby game of the season; Carleton VS Ottawa U. People of all ages came to see the game and filled the green opposite the pitch. It was a brutal game with injuries and scored points, and not one mention of women being less capable. My faith in Canada’s strive for equality grew even more with this experience and I hope that schools in Britain, especially my own, will follow suit some day.

Love Jill