September 2013

A Taste Of The West

Texan food, large bottles of Corona and never ending bowls of nachos; Lone Star is heaven for hungry cowboys. Rebecca and I tag along with Eric and Brayden as they meet some old friends for dinner and as soon as we set eyes on the meals we are glad to have come. We wait for a table at the bar and eye up passing waiters and the food they are carrying. Everything looks delicious here. The boys’ friends order interesting drinks including the biggest bottle of Corona I have ever seen and a yummy-looking banana daiquiri. As fervent smoothie and men lovers Rebecca and I ask the handsome bartender for a choice of daiquiri flavours. He replies “I make the best drinks in the house, I can make anything” and Rebecca flirtatiously challenges him to “prove it”. And he does, quite spectacularly actually.

Tennis is on the television, country music is played over speakers, and people all around us are eating chili and tacos with friends and family members. The lampshades are made with Corona bottles, the staff all wear checked shirts and cowboy hats and sombreros cover the walls. I would have to say my favourite part of the restaurant would be the complimentary bowl of nachos which is constantly refilled. YUM. Our dinner companions decide to have the All You Can Eat fajitas and challenge each other to a competition. The winner consumes ten fajitas. My taste buds welcome very cheesy and spicy enchiladas and, of course, a large amount of nachos.

The conversation isn’t particularly lively but only because everyone is devouring the deliciousness of Lone Star food. After all consumption is finished we lasso the opportunity to don sombreros and pose on a horse saddle. The restaurant was very cliched and stereotypically Texan/Mexican but we sure as hell had fun.

Love Jill