September 2013

Excited for Education: First Day of Classes

I’m surrounded by people who care about the same things as I do. Where am I? In class. The gender, sexuality and cultural production lecture to be precise. By far the most interesting class I have taken since beginning my university education. I think it’s awesome that I actually get to choose what subjects I study, even if they are not related to my course. As a bisexual feminist with white privilege I see it as my responsibility to better inform myself and the people around me about issues concerning gender and diversity. Sitting in the lecture I feel as though the knowledge I gain from this class will actually better me as a human being and not just act as points towards a degree.


Back home, although I do learn valuable journalistic skills, I rarely feel my world expanding with knowledge and instead feel filled with words and techniques which hold no meaning to my everyday life. North American universities seem more concerned about designing a learning environment where students can cultivate their interests and tailor a degree suitable for their future. I cannot even begin to express how excited and motivated I am for classes this semester. I CANNOT WAIT TO DO READINGS AND WRITE ESSAYS AND LISTEN IN LECTURES AND PARTICIPATE IN DISCUSSIONS. These are a few thoughts which haven’t run through my head in years.

These same thoughts run through my head a few hours later when I’m in my lecture for Gender, Diversity and the Journalist. The title of this class basically sums up what I want my future career to encompass. It’s a highly interactive class of ten students from different levels; graduates doing masters in journalism, third and fourth year undergraduate journalists and at least three exchange students from China, Netherlands and Scotland. Before class starts I turn to the guy next to me and use the modern day ice-breaker “Is your WiFi working?” My internet is not working and he assures me that we can both use his laptop if needs be. He puts out his hand and says “I’m Jack by the way”. I laugh, shake his hand and reply “I’m Jill”.

Jack is a tall, handsome journalist with an interest in gender studies, music and books; all of which are a dangerous combination when it comes to me. We swap numbers and my first thought is that classes may be even more interesting this semester than I had first anticipated…


4 thoughts on “Excited for Education: First Day of Classes

  1. Hi Jill, I am following your blog with interest, curiosity and an occasion tear in my eye! We take much for granted in this country and tend to whinge a bit more than we should. Thanks for the new set of eyes and the lovely expressions of your warm heart!! Love, Erik’s mum.

    1. Hi Jennifer, I remember when I first got this comment and I loved your words! Thank you for your message šŸ™‚ hope everything is good with you!

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