September 2013

The Claymor House Takes on Downtown Ottawa

We get ready in style in the Claymor household. With Moulin Rouge sing-offs, guitar hero competitions and teaching each other the ‘Cups’ song from Pitch Perfect. The boys advise the girls on dresses, and we return the favour by giving input on the boys’ shirts and jeans. We make a good team and are all excited for our first night out together.

Erik puts on awesome remixes. Then Rebecca lets us into the world of Swedish music and we dance to rhythms we love and lyrics we don’t understand. I interject every so often to play old rock ballads from Ram Jam, The Kinks and other last century bands. The iPod speakers project an eclectic mix of voices, languages and genres throughout the night and becomes more multi-cultural than a G8 summit.


Shannon gives us the options of where we would like our evening to commence; Mugshots or Heart & Crown. We chose the haunted prison, of course. Mugshots is a nineteenth century jail where the last public execution in Canada was held. It has since been converted into an international hostel and bar. The architecture has been maintained and the creepy atmosphere is hyped up with overhanging trees and shadows filling each corner of the courtyard. Everyone is drinking outside on benches. The people are slightly sketchy as they all seem to be weed-smoking hipsters with bad fashion senses and a lack of desire to use a shower. I give them leeway in my mind and justify that they must be travelers who want to fit in where-ever they go and are running out of clean denim, American Apparel and flannel attire. But we soon come to the conclusion that the atrocious fashion sense and even worse smell is enough to encourage our speedy departure.



Shea picks us up in his pickup truck and we listen to country music and talk about the events of our night. Who flirted with who, who was irritating, and who drank too much. Kitchen time was the most fun with eggy bread, omelettes and many sandwiches. Soon it was time for bed and we sleepily planned tomorrow’s adventures and said our goodnight’s.


Love Jill