September 2013

Skyping Scotland: The Magic of Skype

Communication when travelling in the modern age is vastly different to how it used to be. Last century travelers would go months and even years without speaking or hearing from their families and friends. But now I can unlock my iPad, automatically connect to the internet and open up my Facebook app to see everything that my friends are doing with their lives. We can write each other screeds and screeds of life-updates in emails and send it to each other for free and receive replies instantly. And if the typed word isn’t good enough for you then you can use Skype. I can see and talk to my mum in real time and it feels as if I am sitting right next to her. We can make jokes and show our newest purchases and see each other’s facial expressions, something you wouldn’t do with other forms of communication.

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My mum can send me videos of my nephew Sebastian so I don’t miss out on him growing up and all the cute things he does. I can baby talk to Sebastian and read him stories and watch his face light up as he registers my voice. And if I ever start to miss my hamsters then my mum takes them out to play on cam. I love seeing their little faces and little feet scutter across the keyboard. It’s difficult to miss home when everyone you love is just a few clicks away from coming to life on your screen.

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When it comes to friends I can chat with anyone I like at any time. The good thing for me is that my friends are all in their twenties and have ridiculously screwed-up sleeping patterns and therefore time difference is hardly ever an issue. I can Skype a friend after she comes home from bartending at four in the morning which is 11pm for me. And because I also stay up until silly times it means I can talk to my mum when she wakes up at seven in the morning in Scotland which is 2am in Ottawa.

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Being able to hang out with the people you love, whilst being half way round the world, truly is priceless. Skype is free, quick and easy. You can talk to whoever, whenever, wherever. You can argue and laugh and confess and surprise your friends and family no matter the distance between you.

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Love Jill