September 2013

Down By The Water: Photos From The First Day

These are the photos from my first day in Canada. The excitement and wonder had just begun and the beautiful scenery made me feel like I was in another world. I sat on a stone near the edge of the river and became immersed in ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ by Richard Bach, a story about following your passion and leaving the herd behind. Three weeks in this country and I am already learning more about myself, what I am capable of, and how wonderful it can feel to leave everything you know and start afresh.

The people I have befriended here are warm, funny, interesting, and actually care about me. Of course there has been the occasional bitchy European or rude Canadian but people are generally nicer here than any country I have travelled to before.

Ottawa is a beautiful city with welcoming characters and a knack for showing foreigners how to treat each other and nature with more respect, love and consideration.






Love Jill