September 2013

The Wonderful Thing About Sidekicks Is… He’s The Only One

My love of cats was non-existent before I met Sidekick, our loveable, strange, nosey kitty.
I was having a slightly off day today and spent the afternoon curled up in bed listening to music. As I lay there I heard a gentle knocking from my door and saw it open slightly from the corner of my eye. A few tentative footsteps, a pause and then a leap. Before I knew it Sidekick was by my side and purring softly. He started to give me kisses on the nose and curl up next to me. We lay there for a while and he didn’t mind that I wasn’t showering him with attention, he seemed content to keep me company. This is the loveable side of Sidekick.

The strange side could make an endless paragraph. He often runs into walls, chases invisible bugs and chews on laptop corners. One time when I was reading he pulled the bookmark out of my book to get my attention. Another time when I was reading a letter from the bank he started chewing on the paper and tried to take it away. He inexplicably runs away like a crazy cat for reasons we have yet to uncover and the case of the missing catnip ball (which we believe he has hidden for his own personal use) has yet to be solved.


His unquenchable desire to knock over glasses and vases (especially ones filled with water) has lead to many sticky floors and soggy dinner meals. Anything which can be knocked over he will try; lamps, clocks, ketchup bottles, perfume, and nail polish. Sidekick is convinced that he is a dog with insane ninja skills. He chases the dogs and bites their tails, jumps from ridiculously heights and continues to push the limits of gravity.

Recently Shannon bought Sidekick a lead and it has been eventful to say the least. On his first outing Sidekick lay on the carpet and refused to move. The second time he played dead and was dragged along the floor without a single complaint. And today Rebecca and I actually managed to get him out the front door. He loved it… until his feet touched the grass, then he freaked out and nearly ran into the screen door.


Whenever we come home Sidekick will be waiting for us. If you’re home alone then he will seek you out and persist on keeping you company. If you are eating then he will investigate your food to the point where his nose is in your bowl. Sidekick is always where the action is, ready to be our loveable, strange, nosey cat, forever at our sides.

Love Jill