September 2013

The Time We Ventured Into The Wilderness

Class had finished and our journey home took us along the river by the side of our university. I was in awe at the beauty of everything around us; the water, the trees, the sunset, the flowers, even the passers-by had a certain glow about them. Erik just walked beside me and laughed at my never-ending exclamations of how wonderful everything is.

I unintentionally did my best impression of the dog from Up whenever I would see a squirrel. In the middle of conversation I would yell “SQUIRREL” and point in the direction of said bundle of cuteness. My voice grew louder as my excitement rose at the spotting of a CHIPMUNK. The most adorable little buggers you will ever see. I almost gave Erik a heart attack at one point when we were walking through the trees and I screamed “OHMYGODLOOK!” and pointed wildly at the teeniest munching chipmunk at his feet. ADORABLE. (Cap locks has been used a great deal in this paragraph, I would like to note that this is not due to lack of writing skills but rather because I want to portray the extent of my ecstatic enthusiasm.)

And then we saw a GROUNDHOG! And I chased it along the shoreline whilst taking crappy photo after photo and exclaiming about how awesome it was to be seeing a groundhog. Erik laughed and let me have my fun.


To continue the adventure Erik and I delved further into the trees, broken branches and dirt paths. We climbed over fallen trees and hiked up muddy slopes, it was exciting and cool and refreshing to be among nature. Eventually we stumble upon a strange well-trodden area with a couple of old wooden school chairs, a blanket pulled over branches and a pair of red panties. It was strange and slightly disturbing but interesting nonetheless. On a nearby tree someone had written “what’s with those red panties?” We laughed and decided to leave our mark on a dead tree branch. JS + ES.

The climb up a steep mudslide-like hill left us dirty, scratched and exhausted. As it turned out we were not as far along the less-trodden path than we had thought. We clambered out from the side of the road and crossed the busy motorway. It was an adventure well-worth taking and living proof that there is excitement to be had if you just open your eyes to what nature has to offer.


Love Jill.


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