September 2013

Down In ByWard Market

It was on a starry night…

Downtown Ottawa welcomed us into it’s mellow nightlife with all the varieties of ByWard Market. Our choice of eateries ranged from seafood restaurants to beaver tail stands, fro-yo stores to Irish pubs. The people were eclectic and smiled as we passed; roaming the streets were business folk, new couples, older musicians, dog walkers, Japanese tourists and students. After taking in a little of the lights and the market shops we decided to feast at a huge sports bar. The food was delicious and expensive and delicious… (and did I mention that the food was delicious?).

The bar’s demographic was clear from the outset. The massive room had two floors and a massive cinema screen which plays sports 24/7. Ten other televisions surrounded the screen and all showed different sports; basketball, rugby, tennis, badminton, soccer etc. Each table had a beer tap placed bang in the middle for which you could pay for a keg and drink with friends non-stop all night.

For desert we headed to the fro-yo store and then the beaver tail shack. Our food was incredible and I have since become a fro-yo addict, regularly attending the store for cinnamon sprinkled red velvet yogurt and scanning my Menchie’s points card.
Byward market has a great deal to offer and is an excellent place to refuel your life with food and friends.

Love Jill