September 2013

Playing The Game

Our university’s athletics complexes are insane. Last week Erik and I decided to explore the underworld of Carleton’s sporty students and we found it to be vast, varied and very enticing. There are some sports I want to partake in purely because I have never had such easy access to their arenas and others because I have never had the chance to do them before.

On our mini adventure we first came across the swimming pool. A massive room with bleachers and designated swimming areas and high diving boards. The smell of chlorine alone was enough to encourage my return to the water. We watched from the balcony as people of all ages enjoyed the pool; children learning in classes, older professors practicing their backstrokes, and students working out in between lectures. The noise of gentle splashing, competent strokes and the rush of water made me nostalgic for younger times when going swimming was the best part of any holiday abroad.

Next we discovered the ice arena. This adventure took place before Erik and I started seeing each other and I remember standing next to him on that cold balcony and wanting to hold his hand so badly. The combination of attraction and cool air brought me back to a time when I was fourteen and went ice skating with my friends nearly every weekend. We would skate to the music and talk about crushes and request songs and mess around. I’m really looking forward to getting my skates back on and taking Erik (who is forever clumsy) out on to the ice… with Brayden’s help of course.

Then came the many squash courts, training rooms, yoga areas, physiotherapy centres, etc etc. And by far the most important for us; the Raven’s nest. This is where Erik’s first intramural basketball game took place on the following Sunday. The tournament is non-competitive but the people are a different story. Brayden and I sat on the bleachers, took photos and reveled in the fast-paced nature of the game. An avid basketball watcher, Brayden explained the rules to me and gave me quick analysis of which players were particularly skilled and which were just arrogant. It’s safe to say that our boy kicked butt. He finished the game soaked in sweat and on a runner’s high. I challenged my boys to a two-on-one and they were definitely surprised. I had apparently failed to mention that I played basketball at high school for two years and then went on to join my university’s team. Oops.

Carleton’s sports world has an abundance of activities and tournaments and clubs to join. It’s a place where you no longer feel pushed to exercise and instead feel drawn to it.


Love Jill


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