September 2013

Our Own Documentary

Inspired by our first documentary class, we decided to whap out the video camera and make our own films. Our ideas all centred around my experience of the differences between Scotland and Canada. We had a LOT of fun in the filming process. The finished product is not quite ready for uploading to the internet yet but when it is all nice and polished you will be the first to watch it.

We did take a few photos during our filming. They are mostly of me which I apologise for in advance, I promise I’m not a narcissist. But these photos will give you a little taste of our filming and tide you over until the blockbuster is ready for release. Highlights of that day would be Erik having to strip at least five times in the middle of the street, Sidekick getting bowled over, and myself having an insane laughing fit.



Love Jill


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