September 2013

The Distance Between Us

Everyone keeps saying to me: “But what are you going to do come December? Are you going to have a long-distance relationship? Or are you going to move to Canada?”

My answer is simple: I. Don’t. Know.

When I confessed my love to Erik, I didn’t magically obtain the ability to predict the future. Love isn’t that mystical. I’m still just as unsure about tomorrow as you are. I could get hit by a car next week, then what would all that fretting about next year be for? Just a waste. As much as we would like to think we control our destinies, there are always things out of our control; university constraints, living situations, family responsibilities, job prospects, immigration laws…

A couple of my main philosophies come into play here: you could die at any moment, and people worry too much. Basically everyone just needs to chill out and stop worrying about things which are either a) never going to happen or b) inevitable.

I have three certain months left in this beautiful country (assuming that I don’t choke on chewing gum or get mauled by a bear), and I will not waste a moment of my time concerning myself with sensible plans, limitations and practicalities. A day is far too short to even begin to think about tomorrow. You have to throw yourself out of bed in the morning like a skydiver jumping from a plane. Hold your breath, ensure your safety gear is on tight and prepare yourself to enjoy the journey from the beginning of the day until you reach the end. You can’t be flying through the air with a preoccupied mind thinking about your next skydive or you will miss all the beauty around you; the rays of sun, the spectacular scenery and the people diving with you.

And you may just miss the flock of birds heading straight for you, piercing your parachute and leaving you unable to enjoy another skydive again.

In my mind; tomorrow does not exist. There is only now. It is pointless to even begin worrying about the future, it hasn’t happened yet and when it does happen you will have all these incredible memories to remind you why you continue to skydive. For the people, for the experiences, for the view. This world is beautiful. My time with Erik is beautiful and I know we are going to make it work, regardless of external factors. There’s just no point in fretting about tomorrow’s details when today hasn’t even finished yet.

Love Jill


2 thoughts on “The Distance Between Us

  1. Exactly the philosophy to have right now, Jill. As a Canadian married to a Scot who was once in love with a German, I know about these things! It can work, will require a lot of patience, but doesn’t need to be worked out right now. I wish you all the best, but enjoy the moment! x

    1. Hi there, I would love to find out more about your experience! Figuring out the whole long distance thing between Scotland and Canada will surely be complicated when the time comes. Do you have any advice or tips for making it easier?

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