September 2013

What My Roommate Taught Me About Goodbyes

Our house mate, Brayden, has decided to leave us.

Not because we’re shitty to live with (I hope) but for reasons of his own. Sometimes the city isn’t for everyone and sometimes higher education isn’t the best option. Instead he is thinking of travelling and maybe learning a trade. If there is on thing Brayden has taught me it’s that you shouldn’t stay in a place where you are not happy. Regardless of what everyone else thinks. Regardless of other people’s expectations and doubts. You are not going to make anyone else happy if you are not enjoying yourself.


Another reason for me to stay in Canada.

Yes, Glasgow is an amazing city with so much to offer and to discover but for the past two years I have not been particularly happy. I have been particularly unhappy, if I’m being honest. There were a lot of external factors making my stay in Glasgow unpleasant and it wouldn’t be fair to cast the city in a bad light. I love Glasgow, it was my home and a lot of good things happened for me there. But I don’t know if I can go back and pretend that it is the place where I’m going to be the most happy.


Why go back to a place where your most dominant memories are miserable, when you can stay somewhere that makes you happier than you have been in years? It makes no sense. Real happiness is rare and fleeting. And life is far too short to put qualifications, expectations, financial situations and “responsibilities” ahead of being in a place where you are finally enjoying life with people who make you feel good.

Love Jill


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