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My First Thanksgiving Meal: Part One

Centuries ago something happened which made North Americans think we should probably make this a holiday and celebrate it every year. But no one can tell me what that event was or why Canadians continue to celebrate it. When I ask, people just shrug and mutter something about harvests and natives and colonialism. And yet, every October 14th family members fly, bus and drive from far-flung cities and provinces in other time zones, to be with their family. To eat and relax and enjoy the company.
I have come to my own conclusion, be it right or wrong, that thanksgiving is about being grateful for those around you. Much like Christmas but without all the presents and the santa claus charade.

The week before thanksgiving, Shannon invited us to her mum Pat’s house in West Ottawa and Shea, Shannon, Pat and Rebecca cooked whilst Erik and I studied for an exam. For those of you who do not know, thanksgiving consists of a lot of turkey, vegetables, and pumpkin related desserts; our table was laden with edibles and treats.

And to add to joys of thanksgiving, beautiful Cona joined us for dinner with his lovely puppy dog eyes. In Scottawa’s next post, we take Cona and Dodger (Shannon’s mum’s dog and Shea’s dog) out for an adventure in the woods.
Love Jill