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My First Thanksgiving: Part Two

Thanksgiving has a strange Christmassy feeling; families getting together, cooking feasts and enjoying the chilly outdoors. Whilst we waited for the turkey to cook, my housemates and I wrapped up warm and headed to the local dog park with Dodger and Cona.

Dodger is a malamute crossbreed and Cona is something like a golden retriever or a labrador. The pair get along with each other unless our cat Sidekick is present because they both think Sidekick is their boyfriend. It gets awkward sometimes…

Mr Dodger is a tough sled-pulling dog with a thick coat and canine instincts. His body is designed to pull more than twice his own weight and, as he likes to chase wild animals, Dodger is kept on a very short, very strong leash by his owner Shea.

Cona, on the other hand, was all mine for the day. He’s blonde, silly and likes to chase after baby whippets. I took on a Cona-like persona for the afternoon and ran wherever he ran and grew curious, just like him, about hidden parts of the forest and strange looking doggies.
Shannon and Shea showed us the official hills where people go sledding in the winter and hopefully where we will go when the snow comes. Then deeper into the forest, they revealed the secret of the dangerous sledding hills where people take it to the extreme by building snow ramps on the steepest hills. It’s safe to say; I am excited for winter.

And I was not the only one; Cona was so filled with enthusiasm at the sight of the sledding hills that he ended up sweeping Becca off her feet and onto the ground. Cona’s response was to cover her in doggy-kisses and run around like a cute puppy. The phone rang and it was our call for dinner. Doggy and human tummies were rumbling and we headed home with all the infectious excitement of a Labrador.

Love Jill