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May The Whirlwind Adventures Begin… Again

Things are good.

I skyped my mum. I worked on essays. I planned adventures.

I cooked dinner for Erik and I, and socialized with my housemates.

I ate healthy snacks and sent productive emails and made informative notes.

I went to class and learned stuff and I am beginning to contribute. I have thought about the future; about all the museums I want to see and places I want to go. Little Italy, Chinatown, Victoria Island. Niagara Falls, Quebec, Montreal, New York. All the galleries and monuments and parks and markets. The fairs! The festivals! The shows!


I want to explore the Glebe, Westboro, Bank Street, Sparks Street, and Byward Market!

I want to experience the snow and the cold and go ice skating and sledding. And before that I want to go hiking in Gatineau Park and biking in the countryside. I want to see a Sens game and experience real life American Football!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sugar Mountain, the Experimental Farm, Saunders Farm, Fort Fright and the Secret Bench of Knowledge!


I have sixty two days left, a newly discovered bucket of determination, and a group of incredible friends who are willing to help make this list a reality.May the whirlwind adventures begin… Again.

Love Jill.


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