October 2013

Our First Concert: Northcote & Lindi Ortega at the Neat Coffee Shop

It was always going to be a good one; Erik and I’s first music concert together, but the music we heard was far greater than anything I could have foreseen.

Uncle Chris and his fiancé Jacqueline drove us thirty minutes out of Ottawa to a little place called Burnstown. There lies a gorgeous barn cafe. From a distance all you see is a warm glow from the windows and a fairy-lights outline of a building… the Neat Coffee Shop is a well-kept secret. I know that sounds cliched but I am being serious. The fifty-person audience could easily be mistaken for the town council meeting; there were eager young girls, old married couples, single twenty-somethings, families, and teenagers. The atmosphere said that everyone knew each other and this was their favourite place in town.


The entertainment for the evening was purely Canadian, and my god, they were talented. I was sitting there thinking if this is the music quality for acts in Canada then I am never leaving. First up was Northcote, a Saskatchewan born singer-songwriter called Matt Goud. His first line to the audience was something like this place is amazing, can I tell my friends about it? To which the audience responded with a resounding no! and a lot of laughter.

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What stood out for me the most about Northcote was his relatable and heart-warming lyrics. I kept turning to Erik and giving a knowing smile. From the song Walking Home In The Rain: “There’s no time to unwind, tomorrow just doesn’t want to wait… Soon I will be on top of everything but for now I am walking home in the rain“. Northcote was joined on stage by a guitarist friend and they warmed up the audience like a pumpkin spice latte.


Then the stars of the evening took to the stage; Lindi Ortega, her guitarist James and drummer Tristan. The music they played was a magic hybrid of folk, rock and country. Ortega could be easily mistaken for Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash’s love child. Her voice was strong and charming and filled with many tones. It was like listening to the sound of success just before it happens.


We now have a great collection of Lindi Ortega photographs… I think Erik and I were both wowed by her beauty and talent. There was one little girl in the audience who Lindi took quite a shine to. The girl was clearly a devoted fan as she took pride in her matching red cowboy boots and black hairpiece. Near the end of the show Lindi talks to the girl and says “Now remember little girl, you don’t need a Prince Charming to save you, you can save yourself.”


Erik turns to me and says “I think I’ve found your doppleganger”.

Love Jill.

Erik made a short video clip of the concert for all you lovely people to see.

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