November 2013

See Me On Canadian News

I personally love the ambiguously misleading title of this post.

In truth, my face was on CBC News (Canadian Broadcast Channel) but only by chance and my own cheekiness.

Here is a journalist’s report of a road rage incident on Bank Street in Ottawa. If you watch the bottom right corner of the screen throughout the whole clip, you will see me smiling and walking with my mum and dad (both are wearing brown leather jackets).

Obviously this is a little insensitive but IWASONTHENEWS and if you watch the clip on mute then you won’t judge me so much.


To see the full video, click on this link then select the Watch button.

One step closer to broadcast journalism!

Love you all! Jill


One thought on “See Me On Canadian News

  1. Hi Jill, looked but didn’t see. I think the link has been edited and the guy with the red jacket has been cut to a voice over.

    Hope your folks are enjoying their time with you.



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