November 2013

Meet The Parents: Stevens Style

The phone rings. My parents have arrived. I look at Erik across the room and ask “Are you ready?”

He nods and puts on his jacket. A drip of sweat slides down his face. This is it; Erik is meeting the parents.

Okay, the event was nowhere near as dramatic as I have described. Erik was excited, my parents were excited and I was super excited. The only dramatic moment was when I spotted my mum on her balcony and started shouting “Momma!” with glee, over and over, whilst Erik stood by my side in a state of amusement.


We waited in the lobby of my parents apartment building whilst my mum rushed down the stairs to meet us. I was kissing Erik sporadically and enthusiastically because I was so happy. He, on the other hand, was standing all nervous and formal; eager to impress my parents.

Then I saw my momma and I ran towards her and gave an everlasting hug. Once the mother/daughter reunion had died down, the focus turned to the daughter’s unfamiliar partner. A blonde Canadian boy to be precise.

Over dinner we discussed the irony that neither of my siblings, nor I, have fallen in love with a Scot. My oldest brother, Alan, is engaged to an English girl and now has an Anglo-Scot son. My other brother, Roy, is very much in love with his American girlfriend. And now, here I am with a Canadian love.

A love that my parents very much approve of.


All four of us had dinner at Fatboys Smokehouse on Murray Street. We spent the evening catching up, getting to know, reminiscing and telling stories. Erik thought my dad was funny and my mum thought Erik was gorgeous and lovely.

I personally loved spending the evening with my family; both Scottish and Canadian.

Love Jill


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