November 2013

A Few of My Favourite Things… In Ottawa

In my opinion, one of the best parts of having visitors is showing them all your favourite places in the city.

On the first day out with my parents I took them straight to Bank Street. Or what I like to call ‘The Road of Awesomeness’.

We began our adventure by refueling at Kettleman’s Bagel Company. By far my favourite place to eat lunch in Ottawa. I know a place has been a success when my dad approves of the food. And he did, with a big grin and a thumbs up. I chose The Italian on garlic bagel and frankly I was too blown away with my bagel to notice what my parents ordered.




Next stop; David’s Tea. My mum was enamored at first sight. She loved the shop, the tea collection, the beautiful aroma and calming atmosphere. I introduced her to the world of David and encouraged my parents to smell and taste any and every tea which sparked their interest. We came away with Vanilla and Chocolate teas, and my goodness they were gorgeous.



We walked along Bank Street, all wrapped up in our winter’s warmest, and hugging our teas. We explored interesting organic markets and found strangely shaped vegetables that we had never seen before. Mum and I excitedly ran into adorable stationary stores, little pet shops, big book stores, and cute shop after shop. We passed dog parks and rivers and street musicians. People were happy and exercising and carrying babies and walking dogs and talking to old people and just generally creating a wonderful atmosphere.



And now my favourite street in Ottawa is my parents favourite as well.

Love Jill