December 2013

Frozen in Canada

As a special treat, Erik surprised me with two tickets to see Frozen at the cinema.

As the next Tangled, this movie had a lot to live up to and I believe Disney did a damn good job. But the really beautiful part for me was walking out of the cinema and feeling like I had just stepped into the ice Princess’s castle.

Canada is the perfect setting for a person to experience real winter.


When the snow first began to snow a few weeks ago, I was in awe. People would ask me do you have snow in Scotland? And I would laugh and say yes. But by Canadian standards, we experience a pinch of salt in Britain whilst Canada becomes entrenched in mountains of icing sugar. The snow in Ottawa is fluffy and soft and thick. When it snows, it does not stop.

I am in love with the snow. My parents bought me a beautiful red winter coat when they were in Ottawa and I feel like I am walking around in a heated sleeping bag! I like to jump in the snow and pull back branches and watch the white powder fly. Every morning is like walking through icing sugar. Almost as though God was cooking some Christmas cookies and knocked a bag of flour off his table, out of the heavens and onto big old Canada.

Erik has been taking beautiful photographs of the snow and I have created a little slideshow of his pictures.

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The snow is incredible in Canada but what I am looking forward to the most is skating down the frozen canal…

Love Jill


2 thoughts on “Frozen in Canada

  1. I find it fascinating seeing winter in Ottawa through your eyes. Having lived in Ottawa for most of my life, we forget to appreciate its beauty and complain about the “misery” it brings us. I.e., shoveling, long slow drive home, etc.

  2. Beautiful snow, beautiful scenery, beautiful country, beautiful young lady. Her Grandma says!

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