December 2013

Breaking News: Scottawa Will Return

Ladies and gentlemen, I have news… Scottawa will be returning next semester!

I have waited months to find out whether my home university and Carleton would allow me to stay for a second semester in Canada. And last Thursday I finally got the official ‘okay’ from everyone. This does, however, all depend on the state of my visa which I am slightly concerned about.

Another twist in the tale is with regards to accommodation. Unfortunately I will no longer be staying in the Claymor residence because my lease has ended and a French girl has been found to take my room. Instead I will be staying a few streets down on Dynes. My new room is adorable with a window seat for reading and space for a double bed and the house even has access to a communal swimming pool!


Things will be changing, I will no longer get to come home every day to Mr Adorable Kitty purring around my feet. And the time that Erik and I spend together will most likely be less. But a two minute walk is better than an eight hour plane ride, and not seeing each other every day is far better than being apart for four months. So, things will be different but different does not always mean worse.

Then there is, of course, the matter of my friends and family. A few of whom I have yet to tell this news. And a few of whom I am afraid to tell this news. Staying in Canada from January to late April means I will be missing one if not two important events. Number one: my nephew’s baptism in February, an occasion which kills me to miss. I love that beautiful boy and I am heartbroken that I cannot be there. The second event could still be a possible attendance, my best friend Eilidh’s 21st birthday is in April and we had already planned (years in advance) that I would say a speech. Depending on exams, I may be able to swing something and get an earlier flight but this will all have to wait until the future.


My nephew is now around nine months old, he has two teeth, says a few words, crawls everywhere and can stand with support. He is growing up fast and I am worried that I will miss a lot of his developments. But this Christmas I will at least get to spend a lot of time with him.

Worries and dilemmas aside, in eleven days I will be going home to Scotland and then in one month’s time I will be returning home to Canada. Living lives in two different places is strange and unfamiliar but one thing is for sure; my life is never dull.

Love Jill