December 2013

Fire On Claymor Avenue

Erik Stolpmann (@TheStolpMan) tweeted at 3:19am – 14 Dec 13:

Huge fire down the street. We are safe, but the entire force is here! (

It seems like the entire fire fighting force, paramedics and police of Ottawa are on our street tonight.

An unrelenting fire has engulfed a house across the road from our home on Claymor Avenue.

Police are parked in our driveway and the neighbouring school playground is filled with ambulances and fire engines.


My gestimation is that there are over fifty emergency workers buzzing up and down our street.

Erik and I sat and watched the flames grow bigger and bigger, and we witnessed a brave fire-fighter climbing the ladder to the top floor to shoot water into the bedrooms.

Erik’s Video of The Fire

The brightness of the flames shines through our curtains but the light of the fire is no match for the flashing cavalry of emergency vehicles.

Our thoughts are with the families of the affected houses and we hope that the morning brings good news that everyone got out unscathed.

Love Jill


One thought on “Fire On Claymor Avenue

  1. Thank you for posting this, we are your neighbors across the street on Dynes.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with all those involved in this tragedy. Your account of what took place is precise, factual and accurate. I was impressed with the the first responders and how well they handled the situation we are fortunate to have such great services. Thank you to all those that called 911.

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