January 2014

Scottawa’s January Tales

The bus pulled into the station and through the frosty window I could see his face. Gorgeous red flowers in one hand and a thermos of hot tea in the other. And it was in that moment I knew I was home.


I am back in Canada and even more in love with this country than ever before.

This semester will be different; new house, new classes, new friends and new goals…

  • Blog frequently
  • Take more photographs
  • Do sporty activities often
  • Bake
  • Communicate- Skype, letters etc.
  • Make friends
  • Show love

My journey back to Canada was a nightmare but my time at home was more than just a dream. I will write about both Christmas and traveling in another post this week.


I now live a few minutes away from Erik and a few minutes closer to university. My house has four guys and a girl, plus me. The Claymor House has two new girls living there; a French exchange student and a Canadian. I’ve given Sidekick lots of kisses and talked to everyone at Claymor but it will be weird not to live there anymore. Regardless, I am excited about my new home. My room is large, furnished and it has a big window seat which I adore. The people are friendly and each of them have intriguing personalities.


The weather is not as great as when I left Canada in December. The snow is now ice and slush and there are mountains of condensed snow on almost every street. But it is still beautiful and every night is still bright with the reflection of white snow.

The university is as awesome as ever. I have friends there and I feel comfortable and excited to go to class in the morning. My classes this semester are Radio, Communication Law, Analytical Reporting, Modern Ideologies and Qualitative Research Methods. Three are journalism classes, one is political science and another is from criminology. It’s safe to say that I am very excited to begin immersing myself in my course and all the knowledge that my teachers have to offer.

This is a fairly concise update of my Canadian life. I will make sure to update you all on the in’s and out’s in the coming week.

Thank you all for your patience whilst Scottawa went on a Scottish holiday. I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and that you continue to enjoy my tales of a Glasgow girl’s life in the capital of Canada.

Love Jill.