January 2014

The Aunty-Birthday Party


When spoken out loud, it sounds as if we are saying The Anti-Birthday Party. But we are not in the habit of undermining birthdays in the Stevens family. No, in the Stevens family, any excuse for a birthday party and we will be in there faster than an adorable nephew can break a handmade gingerbread train.



My nephew Sebastian will be one years old in February and it made me very sad to know that I would be missing it. As much as I would love to fly for seven hours to see that beautiful face, it is unfortunately unfeasible.

And so my mother and I came up with an action plan. Something we often do when a problem arises around someone not being able to attend a birthday party. Plan: Have an earlier birthday party. This is exactly what we did and it was called The Aunty-Birthday Party. A celebration for me to enjoy Sebastian’s birthday with him before it even happens.



We bought pink party hats and hungry caterpillar plates and baby snacks. We built an epic gingerbread train which Sebastian and I ended up destroying with our hands because… it’s a one-year-old’s birthday party and why not?



Mr Sebastian was tired near the end but he loved his presents. Especially the red Canadian jumper (sweater) with the words and pictures of “Duck… duck… Moose!” on it.




I hope you have all enjoyed this epic post of cuteness.

And I will deny any accusations that I am using my nephew’s unbelievable adorableness to entice new readers…

Love Jill