February 2014

Relationships are as Perilous as a Mine

Erik and I have been having problems lately. As any normal couple does. There are ups and downs and falling overhead rocks and losing your way through the tunnels. Things get dangerous and painful and scary some times. But as most of you are probably aware of by now; that is life

Pain is an inevitability. Happiness is a reward. Happiness is something you work for, day in and day out. Preserving love and making the other person feel treasured is an effort. But it is an effort with a thousand benefits. Making a relationship work is an incredible victory. A victory you have to strive for every time you wake up.

There is no end to the hard work but there is also no end to the burst of emotions that comes with your labour. And with those emotions comes certainty. You are overwhelmed with an awareness of what you want from life and how you wish to achieve it.


My relationship with Erik is worth every trip down the dark, hazardous mine. Every hour of talking things through and discussing the issues. Every moment of frustration and exhaustion and refusing to surrender. All the sweat and the tears that comes from digging into our minds and our hearts. It is all worth it in the end.

Because at the end of the day we always leave that mine with a little bit more gold in our pockets. We leave that mine feeling physically tired but stronger. Emotionally drained but even more certain of what we want and where we stand. We go to bed at night knowing that we did our best that day to make it work. We put in the effort to bring another piece of gold into our relationship. Another piece of hope and strength and faith in each other.

That is love.

Erik and I are not perfect. We may not always be happy but we damn well put our backs out trying to make this work. And in the end, that is all the really matters.

Love Jill