February 2014

The Second ‘First Date’

 After an almighty roller-coaster of a few months, Erik and I decided to start afresh. And with this new start came a second ‘first date’.

A chance to revive and enjoy the excitement of new love.

Our second ‘first date’ was to begin in the same place as the first. The Clock Tower Pub. I was excited from the moment I woke up. I spent the day planning my outfit and doing my nails and getting my hair done. The day before I bought a gorgeous black dress, black boots and gold jewelry. That night we met at the traffics lights exactly half-way between the Claymor house and my new home. It was a perfect place to meet.

Our evening was even more special than the first. We were more connected and comfortable with each other. The food was amazing and it felt as though we were years older than the kids who had come there together only a few months before.


After dinner we walked to a local cocktail bar called Mercury Lounge. A quiet place with cosy booths and a friendly bartender. In a corner of the bar we felt as if we had the whole place to ourselves. We ordered root beer cocktails and Mercury Martinis and sherbet vodkas. Then of course, we played chess.

What else do you do in a cocktail bar whilst you are sipping strange concoctions? Yes, we played chess. And yes, I almost won but I did not. So we won’t dwell on the subject much longer


The evening was exciting and fun and reassuring. Going on a date is definitely something we will be doing more often. The planning and the build up is almost as fun as the actual evening. Next date: Skating on the frozen canal.

Love Jill