February 2014

Smoothies, Yoga and Feminist Poetry

One of my favourite parts of Carleton is the Womyn’s Centre. When I found out the centre existed I could not believe it. How beautiful is it that the university recognises the need for women to have a place of their own? A place to feel safe and understood and appreciated.

Inside the centre there is even a specific room where only females are allowed, it is a safe space for women to pray, breastfeed, relax, or get peer support. As far as I am aware, the room can also be used for sexual assault survivors to feel safe and for crisis support.

This beautiful centre has feminist values and the members fight for women’s rights in many aspects of life. The main issues include reproductive rights, body image, and rape culture.

The centre are currently celebrating Body Image Awareness week. The aim is to encourage people to love their bodies and to celebrate our differences.


The members of the Womyn’s Centre have arranged smoothie stalls, yoga, self-care workshops, body positive henna and button making, bake sales and Be-You-Tiful photo collages. The effort that the centre puts in to these events is incredible. Everyone is positive and welcoming and the events are so much fun!

I will be writing more about the Body Image Awareness events later in the week. But for now, I am away to a Kundalini Yoga class!

Love Jill