February 2014

If you still look pretty afterwards you’re doing it wrong…

Carleton is heaven for fitness lovers and a blessing to those who are trying to love it.

There are swimming pools and yoga studios and weight rooms and big basketball courts and ice rinks and football pitches and every other sporting venue you can dream of.


I want to do weights and swim and skate and play basketball. I want to run so fast on the treadmill and try new yoga moves on the mats and build up muscles on the machines.

I love feeling the air rush through my lungs and my muscles start to ache and my limbs giving way. I love pushing through it and feeling the burn. I love when I go to bed at night and my body falls straight to sleep.

I love pushing my body’s limits and feeling it grow and learn and adapt. Most of all, it feels incredible knowing that my body works properly and appreciating all the wonderful and beautiful things that it is capable of accomplishing.

A body is a work of art; one you can sculpt and decorate or lose interest in and let fall apart. It’s your choice. I chose to make mine something I can be proud of and something I enjoy using every day. What do you want to create with your work of art?