February 2014

Making Friends at Drag Shows


A few weeks ago Carleton’s Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre put on a Tide of Pride Week.

A chance to celebrate the queer and transgender community, to make friends and have some fun.

The Resource Centre put on a variety of events: speed-friending, drag show, movie night and game show night. The workshops were on interesting subjects: disability justice, spoken word, sex toys for queers, trans/queer on campus discussion, and LGBTQ+ families.


As a volunteer for the Tide of Pride Week, I manned the GSRC stall for a few hours between classes. And I made friends(!) which made me very happy. I met a variety of students; queer, straight, different ethnic backgrounds, those with able and (dis)abled bodies, and people from many spans of the gender identity spectrum.

We talked to professors and students, members and allies of the queer/trans community and even those who were not sure where they stand on gender and sexuality issues.

We handed out flyers for the week’s events and advertised the work that the Centre does to support students.

I made friends with a political science student and we decided to hang out at the Pride Week drag show. The exchange student evening took place in the same venue and at the same time as the show. So I was able to multitask with my social world.


My new friend had recently done his own exchange in France and was happy to join me in mingling with the exchange people. We chatted and laughed with strangers then returned to the show to watch the Drag Kings and Queens of Ottawa take to the stage. They were energetic and entertaining and confident. I loved each performance and I credit all of these photographs to journalism student, Nilanjana Rhea Ray, and engineering student, Akhila Ananth.

I hope you enjoy the photographs! If you are one of the performers pictured and you would like your name/group included in this post then please leave a comment.

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Love Jill


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