February 2014

A Letter For My Nephew On His First Birthday

My beautiful angel of a nephew turns one today.


This past year was filled with his grins and giggles, and of course, his poops and piddles.

And I have loved every single moment that I was able to witness. And I have treasured every photograph and video and Skype date and Snapchat of my incredible nephew.

Sebastian is fascinating and entertaining and funny and adventurous and determined. He is stubborn and strong-willed. He is beautiful and charming. He is comforting and heart-warming.


My nephew is the light of my family. He shines through every mishap and drama and tragedy. Sebastian brings out all these different parts of ourselves that we have long forgotten about. He reminds my parents of what it was like to raise my brothers and I. And it reminds myself and my siblings of what it was like to be raised by our parents.

We begin to see the relentless hard work and effort that our parents went through for us. And my parents begin to remember the joys of having a bouncing, giggling, smiley baby in the house again.

Sebastian is incredible, surprising, fantastic, enthralling and moving.

He makes every day a little more special and a lot more memorable. I love you Sebastian Carl Duncan Stevens, and I wish you many more years of exploring and evolving and enjoying. It is a blessing and a pleasure to be your auntie.


Happy first birthday.

Love Your Auntie Jill.


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