May 2014

A Quick Update on Scottawa

I am back home in Scotland now. Laying in my marshmallow bed and listening to the birds chirping in the forest outside. It’s pretty early and I have been awake since 3am. Jet-lag has truly taken over my body clock.

The flights home were uneventful and I was very grateful. Although I was sat beside a talker on the first flight to Newark. The lady apologised for interrupting my book reading on several occasions and then proceeded to tell me all about the pilot’s manoeuvres, how the weather would affect us, if we would all catch our connections etc. On the second flight from Newark to Edinburgh I was sat beside a middle-aged gentlemen whom, on discovering the movie list, exclaimed loudly “They have the Lego Movie!” His wife was not too impressed. It was only on our departure from the plane that I noticed he was wearing a waterproof jacket with the Lego logo embedded on the front. And I’m still not sure what to conclude about that situation.

My Mum was waiting for me at the airport and we hugged for at least a full minute. I then demanded a trip to Tescos. On my list was fancy Tesco bread (either olive or chilli), Fruit Flakes, Petit Filous, Princes Marshmallows, 100% orange ice lollies and Oatibix. An eclectic selection for sure but these were just a few of the edible goodies I had missed while in Canada.

The clock said 10:30am by the time we arrived home and I went straight upstairs to my Blink-182 covered, book-filled, teenage bedroom. I slept for eight hours and awoke in time for mince, neeps, tatties and white pudding. This meal has become tradition for when I return from abroad. It tasted like home. I saw my Dad for the first time in four months and we talked about flights and work plans and my parents’ trip to Bruge.

Today I am excited to drive my car and see Dundee and hang out with some of my best friends. I have begun making plans for the next few weeks, I will make sure to keep you updated.

I’m happy to be home but Canada hasn’t seen the last of me for this year…

Love always, Jill.