May 2014

Then and Now: Canada circa 2000 and 2014

My first time in Canada I was seven-years-old.

Fourteen years ago my parents planned for us to visit relatives in Vancouver.

The story goes: my Mum’s father had two brothers. When they were young men, one brother emigrated to New Zealand, the other brother emigrated to Canada, and my Grandfather stayed in Scotland.

I have never met my Great-Uncle Malcolm who still lives down under. But I do know my Great-Uncle Al. He is a lovely and sweet man, much like my Grandfather was. I haven’t seen Al since our visit in 2000 but I remember the holiday vividly. Fourteen year ago was when I first fell in love with Canada.

In this blog post I have decided to share with you, my wonderful Scottawa readers, some photographs from our holiday. None of the photos were in digital form so I had to spend a little time coaxing them from their beds inside the photo album, peeling them out, introducing them to the scanner (technology they have never seen before) and bringing them to life on the screen. And now I will immortalise these photographs so they can forever live in the great world wide web.

A few of my memories from Canada and moments I have never forgotten…


Picking raspberries with my Great-Auntie Marg. The fruit tasted delicious! And I had never seen fruit patches in someone’s garden before.


Meeting my Canadian family with their tanned skin and lovely accents!


Seeing my Mum drive on the other side of the car and on the other side of the street.


Going to see the Pokemon movie and getting special Mew cards.

Visiting places around Vancouver.



Being with my brothers.

I hope you have enjoyed these photographs as much I have. They are a wonderful reminder of when Canada first ventured into my heart, unpacked its bags and poured itself a cup of tea.

I love you Canada! From Jill.

Then and now: Myself in Canada circa 2000 and 2014.

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