August 2014

Jack’s Housewarming Party

After two or three months of living in his new place, Jack finally decided to have a housewarming party. So he cooked a feast, bought weird beer and invited his Ottawa friends around to party.

On arrival we were welcomed into the fairy-lit garage which looked like a magical castle for students. A table was loaded with food and alcohol, and a box of coloured chalk lay awaiting tipsy drawing on the stone wall.


A dozen or so people arrived and, not surprisingly, every single one of us were journalists. But we managed to quiet the journalism chat long enough to begin playing games. First, Pictionary on the wall; hence the Pikachus and Charmanders. Second, Heads Up with phones.


By 11:10, we were so enthusiastic about our games that the police rolled up to the garage door. They looked confused at us; a group of fairly sober twenty-somethings sitting around a table playing family games. This was the crazy party keeping the neighbours awake?! So instead of giving us in trouble, the police complimented Jack’s decor “It’s a nice setup you got here” and rolled on.

By the end of the night we had guacamole inside jokes, funny photographs and full bellies. Thank you, Jack, for an awesome evening! 

Love Jill

P.S. Lumpy Space Princess!