August 2014

Canada Day

Canada Day is a blast of red and drink and fireworks.

July 1st is the busiest day of the year in Ottawa. Some Canadians avoid the streets altogether and others embrace the fanatic celebrations with red clothes, beer and boundless pride.



For the past year, people have told me stories of Canada Day; of drunken mishaps and crazy crowds and memorable evenings. So when the day arrived, I woke up excited, threw on some red and ventured out to meet Ellen. I was at least ten minutes late because the streets were filled with revelers. We explored pop-up stalls and ate street food and enjoyed the live bands and performers.


Later on, Ellen went to her friend’s house and I met up with Michelle. We went on a boat tour guided by her roommate Lacey and avoided the momentary rain as it dispersed the crowds. All three of us walked over the bridge to their house and began our drinks and festivities. We returned to Parliament Hill for the incredible fireworks which I think were the most awe-inducing fireworks I have seen in my life. I even felt a little patriotic…



We found some France-French friends and invited them back to Michelle’s. The evening was spent consuming tequila shot, discussing cultural differences, and salsa dancing. Our evening was pretty cool and eventful, with drama and romance aplenty.


Overall, definitely one of my favourite days in Canada and one I hope to experience again. Go Canada!

Love Jill.